ARMA Speed


Dita Racing is one of the official distributor of Arma Speed parts in Malaysia. We value Arma Speed, Taiwan for its outstanding carbon fiber products, carbon air intake system and performance air filters. Arma Speed has been around for more than 25 years whereby the founder, a car enthusiast who set about customizing and building project cars in his own garage, which later turned out to be the foundation of ARMA Speed. Throughout the years, ARMA Speed has performed countless research and studies to be the best company to produce performance parts for tuning the car globally. Today, ARMA does not only specialize in Hyperflow carbon intake system, but also excels at big brake kits, aerodynamic body kit, exhaust valve systems and high-performance air filters that aim for greater levels of standard. ARMA’s slogan – “Performance Everyday”, will keep it moving forward with its insight and innovation that surprise the world.

As Arma’s parent company specialized in carbon fiber and FPR material for car parts and OEM body kits, an idea was developed by various departments to design and develop carbon fiber intake system and aerodynamic. After a long designing and improving process, the product was born – a carbon fiber intake that can reduce the air temperature inside and keep the heat out. ARMA Speed is always searching for innovation and looking for product perfection.

Dita Racing is proud to distribute Arma Speed products in Malaysia. Do contact us for the wide range of Arma Speed products that we have in stock in Malaysia. Get your Arma Speed products now!

For more information, do visit ARMA Speed’s official website to see its amazing car performance products.